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From the joys of maternity to the intricacies of child care, My parenting blog is dedicated to providing insightful articles, tips, and community support to help you raise happy, healthy children in today’s fast-paced world.

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About MUM in RUSH

My Journey
Hi, I’m Emily Roberts, the heart and soul behind ‘Mum In Rush’. As a dedicated mother journeying through the ups and downs of parenting, I’ve transformed my experiences into a resource for parents like you.

My Mission
‘Mum In Rush’ is here to guide you from pregnancy to raising intelligent, well-rounded children, offering practical advice, heartfelt support, and the latest insights in child care and development.

Unique Perspective
Being a young, active parent, I bring a fresh, relatable perspective to maternity and early child care, blending personal experiences with expert knowledge to help you navigate these precious early years.

Child Care Topics​

Dive into our specialized sections designed to cater to every stage of parenthood

Maternity and Pregnancy: Articles, tips, and resources for expectant mothers
Raising an Intelligent Child: Focus on child development, educational activities, and nurturing intelligence.
Help for Young Parents: Practical advice for common early parenting challenges.

Baby Development

What Parents Say about parenting blog

“Finding ‘MumInRush’ was a game-changer for me. As a new mom, I was overwhelmed, but the practical tips and empathetic insights have made my journey into motherhood so much smoother. It’s like having a wise friend guiding me through every step!”
Sarah, mother of twO
“This blog isn’t just for moms; it’s a goldmine for dads too! The articles on child development and intelligent parenting have really helped me connect with my daughter. It’s amazing to see her grow and learn, and I feel more confident as a parent thanks to ‘MumInRush’”
Michael, first-time dad
“I stumbled upon ‘MumInRush’ during my first trimester and haven’t looked back. The maternity advice is spot on, and the community support is invaluable. It’s comforting to know I have a reliable source to turn to as I embark on this exciting journey of motherhood.”
Jane, expecting mother